Thursday, July 24, 2014

Make a Panda Workshop - Part 1, 20 July 2014

The long waited Make a Panda Workshop has finally commenced!

This time, we have a big group of five joining our class namely, Evelyn, Su Ling, Philip, Chio and Paula.
L-R: Su Ling, Paula, Philip, Evelyn and Chio.
If you find some of the faces familiar, you are right! They have all previously appeared on my blog as they attended one of my previous bear making workshop. Now, they have come back for more!

To improve and learn new techniques, Wayneston Bears introduced this brand new Make a Panda Workshop. This is an advance class for students who have made more than 1 bear previously.
Now, students have to even work on 2 different coloured furs instead of one!

Sewing a piece of black fur is not very easy and you will need strong lighting to be able to sew well. One of the many challenges the students faced was to stitch the black eye patches onto the panda's face. With much determination and motivation however, they have managed to overcome all obstacles and they are almost there! Their bears are halfway done!

It was a fun and interactive group of students. With their previous experience in bear making, they were able to sew much neater and faster this time round.

Being one of the fastest students, Su Ling got the opportunity to first learn how to create needle sculpted paws and foot pads. Her Panda was the first one to have fingers and toes!

After half a day full of fun, we had to stop for dinner and continue the following weekend. The students are all looking forward to the next lesson with much anticipation and excitement as they can finally complete their Panda!

Hugs, Wayne

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Randilyn's new home

Randilyn, our blog give-away bear is now living in Singapore with her new mum and friend!