Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am back from my trip =)

Greetings beary friends,

I am finally back and I miss everyone. I have been posted to Thailand for 2 weeks overseas exercise, complusory for all man in Singapore to reserve the army for 10 cycles after their 2 years of millitary training. This also means that I have 9 more cycles to go...

Thailand is much hotter than Singapore, temperature ranged between 35-40 degrees. We are lucky that the first 2 days had rained heavily so we had a much cooler weather during our exercise. As a storeman, our role is to issue stores and equipments to the soldiers and send rations out field. We woke up early 4am in the morning to pack the rations and we made 3 trips everyday from the base camp to the field sending water supplies too.

Our base camp is stationed at the rural area, thus I see a different standard of living since I grow up in the city. Life is simple there but everyone seems to be happy and contented with what they have and who they are. Some of the Thai converts their house into a small provision shop, while some of them had their own field for farming.

Some of the common animals you can see on road sides are dogs, chickens and cows. They are roaming around freely. On one of my trip to the mountain, I saw a group of wild boars and even a hyena! The signages and banners on the road side and stores are all in Thai which we had difficult reading them, but luckily most of the time we have a Thai driver with us to do the translation for us.

There are many temples in Thailands, we realise that the Thai Royal Army horn their vehicles twice everytime they pass the temple to pay their respect.

My training buddies mostly aged 30 and above, they are friendly and I am blessed to have meet them in this exercise. We had excellent team work and everyone did their part to make this exercise a memorable one. Overall I can say that this exercise isn't that bad as what I have imagined.

Now that I am back after the long rest, I am now working on a few custom orders. New creations will be available in the month of April. Have a great week!

Hugs, Wayne

Storemando Buddies

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flying off to Thailand tonight!

This week I went to camp everyday and is able to book out! The day after tomorrow will be a torture for us because Thailand's weather will be very hot ranging from 35 to 40 degree Celsius. I think we might suffer from sun burns and dehydration :(

I am happy that Bunny Lara has found a new home yesterday and I will be sending her to the post office today, just nice that I am still in Singapore to send her to her new mum. Checking my list of visitors from the blog statistic, I realised that my blog has visitors from 42 countries! Wow thank you so much for viewing my blog =) If your country's name isn't stated on my list, the last tab, kindly drop me a comment and I will add it in immediately.

I will miss seeing my niece for 2 weeks too, maybe when I am back she is will grow much bigger! This picture below is shared by my sister yesterday night, I hope this picture makes you smile too =)
Lavigne has always so much expressions! We are always waiting for the right timing to capture her cute expression.

Good bye my friends, I will be writing here again in 2 weeks time!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I never knew that it feels so hurt...

Today was my last art lesson with my students. I have been teaching art for more than a year and I have finally decide to let it go. I have been feeling tired working 7 days a week, now it's time for me to rethink about what I want in life. It's feels so hurt just like a missing piece of precious gem from my heart :(

Since young, one of my dreams is to become an art teacher and I am really glad that this little dream of mine has fulfilled . Even till today, I could even remember my art teachers and some of the art activities we have done. As I grew older, I have to decide between Art or Design in my studies and I have chosen industrial design as my major subject.

I have never regret choosing design and teaching art. In fact without these, I might not have become what I am today. Specially thanks to my bear teacher Emen, he is the man that inspires and encourages me to become a bear artist and an art teacher.

Today the new teacher came for her first lesson, she is a kind lady and I believed that my students will be comfortable learning from her. The students are sad, we have formed a strong bonding for many months. I am feeling very sour right now... I am writing this because I want this to be in part of my memory. I have always treated these students like my children.

My army bag is ready and I am leaving for my reservice tomorrow, I will try to write more when I am back from my trip.

Packing my army field bag

Hi friends =)

Please be informed that I will be away from 7th to 28th March for army reservice. I will miss everyone :(
I am wondering how am I able to survive 3 weeks without MSN, Facebook, Hot shower, Iphone and BEAR MAKING....

I will have no internet access because I will be in Thailand... in the jungle, therefore I am unable to reply an email on the dates above. I will be also "hide" all my items on Etsy during this period of time, because i will not be able to send any purchased items.

If you would like to adopt any of my bears/critters kindly visit my bear pile website to see their pictures and send me an email. I will reply you asap after my trip.

Thanks for the comments on my previous post =) I realised that my dad has stopped smoking these few days... He even went outdoor to smoke if he needs to. Many thanks for the advise on removing the smoke and maintaining the bears collection =)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs, Wayne

Friday, March 4, 2011

The story of my empty showcase

I have started my small collection of about 20 bears when I become a bear artist. Some of them are Steiff, Artist Bears and Miniature Bears. For 3 years I have kept them into boxes because my dad smokes... I treasure all my bears like my babies because I worked so hard to have them, I want them to have a good home...

One day in February, I have finally decide that I should display them on my toys showcase in the living room. I spend a few hours displaying these bear collection and I am really proud of them. They gave me movitation and inspires me to work and improve on my bear designs. Before all these happens I have spoke to my dad that he should smoke outside the house.

The nightmare begans a few days ago... one of my uncle came to my house. He is a heavy smoker, he has a great personality but I hate his smoking habits... He starts to light his cigarattee and the house stinks! He even pass my dad a cigarattee and both of them starts to smoke happily away.

I was mad... REALLY MAD! (This is not the first time he comes to my house and he knows that the smoke would affect my teddies...)

I was angry, I stood in front of my dad and ask him to stop smoking or go outside to smoke, but he ignored and said it's ok, ONCE IN A BLUE MOON that uncle came to visit us. He wants his pride... but what about my feelings :(

Feeling frustrated, I quickly took a box from my storeroom, went to my showcase and I quickly remove all my bears... My dad saw this and was angry, he said that I am not respecting them. Ignoring what he said, I continued to keep my bears and bought them into my room and closed the door. My uncle left my house shortly because he was embrarrass...

Now... it has been 4 days and the showcase is still empty. My mum asked me to display my bears again but I am persistant not to display them anymore. I really hope that one day I would have my own work studio and a room to display my bears and toys.

Dear friends, what will you do if someone smokes in your house with your precious collection nearby?
I would love to hear your advise and suggestion.