Monday, June 16, 2014

Three Wayneston Mice are on their way to UK!

One of our regular collectors has adopted three of our latest mice creations! We are happy that they will be living with their friends and new parents in UK.

Hi! My name is Benedict

Mice to meet you!

My name is Dorinn.

How are you today?

Hey! I am Samuel!

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for coming to visit us!
The collector even wrote us a lovely poem again this time! Thank you Mick and Jane for the sweet thoughts, it really makes our day :)

On a plane to England
Three mice sit quietly
There's Samuel and Benedict
And Dorinn that makes three
They all are so excited
As they never flown
It's going to be great fun for them
To have a brand new home
There will be a great big party
When they get there
And all the mice at Mousehole
Will give a great big cheer

Hugs, Wayne

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