Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Baby Panda, Xiao Mi now available for adoption!

Good day everyone! We are pleased to share another creation today for adoption!
This cute little panda is named Xiao Mi. He is approximately 7.5 inches tall.
Made from soft black and white alpaca, he is filled with polyfill and crush garnets, giving him a squishy feel whenever you squeeze him!
The crushed garnets also gives him a hefty weight.

His face is needle sculpted, shaded and trimmed, giving him the signature Wayneston Bears look and feel.

The paws and footpads are needle sculpted as well, while colour shadings were done to create a realistic feel to the overall appearance.

Xiao Mi wears a handmade necklace made by me. His nose is embroidered, waxed and then polished to give a shiny look.

Xiao Mi is now available for adoption on:
Bear Pile:

Artist Bears International:

We hope you like our new creation today! Have a great weekend :)

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