Monday, August 4, 2014

Make a Panda Workshop - Part 2, 27 July 2014

On a very fine Sunday, 27th July, 4 baby pandas were born!

L-R: Panda made by Chio, Evelyn, Paula, Wayne and Su Ling.
Paula, Evelyn, Su Ling and Chio looked very excited as they carefully gave their pandas the final touches. 

Chio's panda laying down lazily

Wayne shared his special technique to create intricate needle sculpted paw & foot pads, making them look more realistic.
Paula's first attempt to create a needle sculpted feet.

Without much procrastination, the students picked up their needles and started to do it themselves! It was a very good attempt for their first try!

Enjoying the process of bear making

After the paws and feet were done, they proceeded to joint and stuff their pandas. With their past experience in Bear Making, they were able to close the seams effortlessly. After attaching the ears and a cute little tail to their pandas. They used a sharp pair of scissors to trim the fur on the face.

Serious learners

Feeling happy to see them coming alive!

For the grand finale, everyone had to wax and polish their panda’s nose and TATA! They have finally completed their pandas! With a bell attached around the neck as an accessory, their pandas were all finished and ready to be shown to the world!

Trimming fur around the nose area.

Adding colours to enhance the footpads
We would like to thank Paula, Evelyn, Su Ling and Chio for the wonderful time spent together during the workshop. It was fun and we enjoyed sharing the process of bear making with all of you.

Chio's Panda.

Evelyn's Panda.

Paula's Panda.

Su Ling's Panda

Our graduation photo shoot!

Mission accomplished!
All the best in your bear making and we look forward to seeing you again in our next workshop!

On a side note, Philip was unable to attend the 2nd session of the workshop due to work commitments. We will share with you once he has completed his panda.

Hugs, Wayne


  1. Great job by all! Looks like they had fun, too! Hugs, Janice

    1. Hi Aunt Janice! Thank you for popping by to comment! Your comment make us happy! :)


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