Sunday, August 24, 2014

Singapore Teddy Bear Gathering on 22 August 2014

We had a wonderful evening with 10 Singapore Teddy Bear lovers last Friday! It's the first time having so many enthusiastic joining us. We would like to extend our warmest welcome to 2 new enthusiasts, Val Ho and Chio, for joining us for this gathering.

First of, we had a scrumptious dinner at Watami in Junction 8. Everyone was hungry and tucked into their food!

After dinner, we looked around for a place to chill and display or bears. However with such a big group, it was difficult to find a comfortable place to accommodate all of us. As Evelyn lives nearby, she offered her house for the after-dinner gathering. We would like to thank Eveyln for hosting us last night.

Everyone started to take out their Teddy Bears and Dolls for everyone else to see. We placed them on the dining table nicely before taking a group picture together.

Philip finally finished his Panda and had a photo taken with 3 lovely ladies.

As Evelyn's house was very cosy, everyone started to chat and drink the fruit juices which were bought. We also had a small discussion on our next Christmas Gathering event. 

We will be having a Christmas Teddy Bear Exchange! Everyone will be making a teddy bear from same bear pattern for the exchange. Everyone were very excited about the idea though some who started bear making recently appeared to be a little worried! Nevertheless, everyone agreed to make one.

Before we knew it, it was already 11pm at night! We all quickly took our leave before the public transport stopped their operations. 

Back L-R: Chio, Evelyn, Su Ling, Paula, Marcia and Philip.   Front L-R: Ivy, Val, Esther and Wayne

Thank you Esther, Evelyn, Su Ling, Ivy, Philip, Marcia, Paula, Val and Chio for joining us in the gathering! Till we meet again this Christmas!!! :)

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  1. Thank u for e lovely write up... always looking forward to e next gathering with my bear gang. Superb!!!


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