Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Meetup with a Singapore Doll Artist

The world is really small! Guess what? We have finally met a doll aartist friend whom we met last year in the Brisbane Winter Wonderland Bears and Dolls Show!

Doll Artist, Carmel Ooi resides in Singapore and we are surprised to meet each other in a foreign land. She immediately recognised my Singaporean accent when she first saw me!

Carmel was helping a friend who had a table display at the Brisbane Show. We exchanged contacts and agreed to meet up one day in Singapore.

After almost a year later, we finally managed to arrange a meetup. Last week, Carmel had very kindly invited me and a few of my friends from the Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers group to her house fora gathering. We were very excited when we entered her house as allthe dolls were laid out nicely on the table for us.

After we have all admired and taken photos, we sat down and talked more about Dolls and Teddy Bears. Carmel was really thoughtful as she bought some delicious cup cakes and shared with us.

More about Carmel Ooi:
Carmel has been making dolls for more than 4.5 years. Each of her dolls' face and limbs are individually hand sculpted with polymer clay without any molds therefore we could truly say they are OOAK. Most of her dolls have a soft cloth body and is hefty weighted with poly fiber and pellets. Her dolls and creations are available for adoption on her website here.

We were really pleased to meet another Doll Artist in Singapore and hope to meet up with her again real soon!

We look forward to learn doll making from her in the near future perhaps!


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