Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The first Fun Fur Day event!

The first Fun Fur Day was held last Sunday at Kallang Wave Mall, a new shopping mall which opened last year.

We were very excited to welcome 2 new Teddy Bear Enthusiasts namely Joyce and Audrey.

Joyce proudly shared with us some of her creations. She is very well verse in crotchet, knitting and sewing. She showed us her crotchet bears and a miniature mohair bear!

We are so happy to know another bear maker here in Singapore.

Audrey on the other hand, was interested in Teddy Bear, which made her join this event. She showed us a bear which is well-loved and needs some medical attention.

Unfortunately, we can't help her to fix the bear. All of us advised her was to keep the bear in it's current condition and make another new bear similar.

Wayne will help Audrey to look for a Teddy Bear Hospital and pray for its revival.

We displayed our bears and dolls on the table. It generated some curious stares from people sitting at other tables. Some even came and took a name card from Wayne!

The objective of organising more of such events is to promote hand crafts appreciation especially Teddy Bears to the public.

Evelyn shared with us one of her dolls which she had learned from a teacher, while Chio shared a few of his new fabric bears. They are all adorable and everyone got a chance to hold everyone's creations.

We want to thank Evelyn, Chio, Philip, Joyce and Audrey for joining this event. We hope to see more Enthusiasts next time!

Please look forward to our next Fun Fur Day!


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