Sunday, April 10, 2016

Make-A-Bear Workshop with a student from Indonesia

We have a special request this time to personally coach a student, Kus from Indonesia. She is introduced by a friend who makes Teddy Bear as well many years ago.

Although it was Kus first time making a Teddy Bear, she was a fast learner. She was extremely attentive and was able to pick up skills quickly and sew without hesitation.

Wayne shared with her the different techniques to sew and joint the bear. She repeated the steps with Wayne's guidance.

Today, she has finally completed her bear! It took approximately 9 hours for her to complete it and she is very proud of it.

She shared with Wayne that she is going to show the bear to her grand daughter.

Thank you Kus for been so attentive and patience in class, we look forward to meet you again soon.

Hugs, Wayne 

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