Monday, August 8, 2016

2 new squirrels, Jovan & Jonas!

We are pleased to introduce 2 new squirrels this week!

Yes, we know that it has been a while since we last made a squirrel and many of you have been asking when are we going to make one again.

So... here's 2 of them ready for you to choose and bring home!
Jovan and Jonas are siblings, they are made from the same pattern. Jovan is made from Grey and white mohair whereas Jonas is made from Reddish Brown and white mohair. Jovan has a slight longer fur than Jonas.

Jovan & Jonas

Both have a darker colour tone airbrushed onto their bodies and tail. They have our signature needle sculpted paw and foot pads made from ultra-suede. Their tail has wire armature too which you can bend and pose them to your preference.

Jovan and Jonas are now available for adoption on our Estore, please click on the link below to view more pictures and read their profile.

We wish everyone a great week ahead!

Hugs, Wayne

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