Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Make-a-Bear Workshop 2 & 9 April 2017

We are so proud to see three little bears born on 9 April, each individually handcrafted by three apprentices namely, Michelle, Amanda and Anna.

L-R: Bears made by Wayne, Amanda, Michelle and Anna
It was the first time all three of them learned to make a bear.

The 3 students were very patient and listen attentively to Wayne's instruction. Wayne demonstrated how to perform a nose embroidery on the bear and soon they started sewing themselves. Anna was adventurous and decided to stitch a heart-shape nose for her bear! It wasn't an easy attempt; she started some stitches and Wayne assisted to complete the nose later on.

Happy Bear Making Day with the ladies

The most challenging process which the students faced were sewing the ears onto their bear's head. The ears need to be visually balanced and symmetrical. Wayne pinned the ears on the bear's head and demonstrated how to sew the ear with ladder stitching technique.

Amanda is closing the bear after stuffing
Anna is stitching the arms of her bear (Bruce)
Michelle is patiently sewing, keeping her stitches neat and tight
After their bears were completed, the students used markers to gave their bears some light shadings to enhance the overall appearance and accessorise them with ribbons.

L-R: Michelle, Anna, Wayne and Amanda

We even took an outdoor group photo together with our prized ones!

Thank you Michelle, Amanda and Anna for joining our bear workshop. We hope you enjoyed the workshop and look forward to seeing you make more bears next time!



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