Friday, January 19, 2018

Make-a-Bear Workshop 18 & 30 December 2017

We have a wonderful group of four students attending our last Teddy Bear Workshop before we bid good bye to 2017.

The four students namely, Christine, Jen, Choy Har and Aaron learnt how to create a Teddy Bear from Wayne.

L-R: Aaron, Christine, Jen and Choy Har
As the four participants have never made a Teddy Bear before, Wayne share the rules and principles of bear-making in great detail.

Wayne shared the importance of choosing the right fur for the right project and identifying the fur pile direction before cutting the fur.

Although first timers, the participants were able to sew nicely and displayed great dexterity with their fingers. After the two-day classes, they have all completed the Teddy Bears and the smiles on their faces seemed to indicate that their efforts have been all  worthwhile!

At the end of the creative session, we took a group photo together with our trophies (Teddy Bears).

L-R: Aaron, Christine, Choy Har and Jen
Thank you Christine, Jen, Choy Har and Aaron for joining our workshop. We look forward to meeting you again!

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