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Teddy Bear Appreciation Session with Kay & Brian Cooper, 30 December 2017

Kay & Brian Cooper are the creators of "The Dolls Coop" and "Cooper Bears" with more than 20 years of bear-making experience.

They own a Teddy Bear Shop (Cottonwool Creations) and Teddy Bear Hospital in Western Australia.
A very warm welcome to Brian and Kay for visiting Singapore. 
On 30 December, Kay and Brian gave a sharing session on the History of Bear Making and Teddy Bear Restoration at Wayneston Studios. The event was a blast! We had more than 15 participants!
Everyone was attentive during the sharing session. 

Kay sharing the types of joint used on vintage bears. 
Kay started by sharing the history of bear making and provided lots of presentation slides of customers' old bears. Some of the bears are in well-loved and in very good condition (in spite of the number of years), whereas some were badly torn into pieces and could not be easily identified because they have been mangled by over-enthusiastic dogs!

The Teddy Bears on every slide, tells a unique story. Each story told us how much love the Teddy Bear has given to the owner during their childhood. No matter how bad the condition, they gave nostalgic memories of the past which are valuable and priceless.

Kay with her handmade creation, Andrew.
Kay also shared tips on Teddy Bear restoration, the choice of stuffing and materials she used for repairing. We were inspired by the stories and adventures they shared! After the sharing session, some collectors adopted the bears made by them and Kay signed on their certificates.

We took a group photo together before we bid good bye to our Australian friends.

We would like to thank Kay, Brian and everyone for taking the time to participate in this event!

We look forward to our next Teddy Bear Appreciation session. Do keep a look-out for the next session on our blog!

Wayneston Studios

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