About Me

Hi, I’m Wayne Lim - an award winning soft sculpture artist residing in Singapore with my family, whom I owe a big thank for being very supportive of my work. I started making teddy bears in 2009 and I named my creations as “Wayneston Bears”. One of the reasons why I enjoy bear-making is it allows me to express my thoughts and ideas through the craft. “Wayneston” is a carefree town in a fantasy world where happy bears and critters live in harmony. I believe that the teddy bear is a piece of art which enables the mood of the artist to be portrayed at the time of its creation. Its symbolism of peace and happiness should be passed on to our loved ones.

My works have been featured in various publications and media in: Australia, Germany, Holland, Japan, Russia, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States.

Wayneston Bears have been adopted by collectors from all over the world such as Australia, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.

My works have been featured on:
  • Singapore, I-weekly magazine (November 2010)
  • Russia, Pretty Toys Magazine (Oct 2011 & May 2012)
  • US, Teddy Bear Review Magazines (June, August, December 2011, February & April 2012)
  • Singapore, Channel 8 Programme 《我的小小发明》 "Think BIG" (29 January 2012)
  • Singapore, Vibes Magazine (June 2012)
  • Singapore, The Business Times Newspaper (26 January 2013)
  • Australia, Australian Bear Creations Magazine Vol18 No.5 (October & December 2013)
  • UK, Hushtag Teddy Web Magazine (January 2014)
  • US, Teddy Bear & Friends Magazine (June & December 2012, February & June 2014)
  • Germany, Teddy Bear Times (June 2014)
  • Australia, Australian Bear Creations Magazine Vol18 No.6 (August 2014)
  • Germany, Teddy & Co. Magazine (Oct/Nov 2014)
  • Singapore, "Super Family"超級一家》on Channel 8 (28 December 2014)
  • Singapore, "The 5 Show" on Channel 5 (24 September 2015)
  • Holland, Poppen & Teddy Beer (September 2015)
  • Singapore, SG50 Book "A Nation of Skilled Talents" (30 December 2015)
  • Singapore, The Straits Times (30 December 2015)
  • Singapore, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) E-Newsletter
  • Singapore, Channel 8, Morning Express! 晨光第一线 (12 February 2016)
  • Singapore, Channel 8, Toys Unplugged 玩具不插电 (15 October 2017)