Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A pair of bunnies now available!

Hello bear friends,

I think these 2 little bunnies will be the last 2 that I will be making for the month of February. This month I need to work on 2 swaps and a competition piece which needs to be ready in March. These will keep me busy busy busy! =)

Here's my 2 new bunnies creations named Karyn and Kendrick. They are made from German and Japanese alpaca. If you have viewed my previous post on the swap bunny and think that Karyn looked alike, you are right! She is the one that is initally made for the swap, however my pretty bear friend has found a new love! We will be swapping this Saturday and I am so looking forward to that day =D

I feel bad to let Karyn stay alone, hence i created Kendrick to accompany her. I hope you will enjoy viewing these pictures. Karyn is now available for adoption on Bear Pile, I will post Kendrick too this week.

Karyn 6.5"
Karyn 6.5"
Kendrick 6.5"

Yeah, counting down 2 more days to Chinese Lunar New Year! We are going to have lotsa fun, good food and games. I am going to visit my baby niece too =)

Have a great day!



  1. Wonderful start for the Year of Rabbit with these 2 cuties!!!

  2. Nice bunnies Wayne! Happy Chinese New Year too. I hope you have a great year and a wonderful visit with your new little niece.


  3. Lovely bunnies!!

    Enjoy your New Year,all the best wishes for that too!



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