Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Uncle Wayne & Baby Lavigne

Alright, I have decided to share some more pictures of my niece again :P
Hahaha.... oh dear Wayneston Bear blog is becoming a baby blog soon -_-lll

This pictures are taken last saturday (22 days old) I hope you enjoy viewing these pictures.



Baby Lavigne Yawning
Stop kissing me again Uncle Wayne!
Sorry on my poorly dress code...I know I don't look well on these pictures (Baby Lavigne is the main lead) LOL
Baby Lavigne's baby shower is on this Sunday, I will post some pictures here.
I hope these pictures make you smile and have a great day! =)


  1. Yep, Wayne - these did the trick! I am smiling! So cute. Looking forward to the shower photos!


  2. Oh Wayne, she is such a cute baby! You look so comfortable holding her. These pictures made me smile today too. Can never see too many cute babies.

  3. What a beautiful baby. You lucky Uncle!

  4. THank you, I hope that u will love the baby shower pictures too:)

  5. Hee!Hee!... you are besotted aren't you Wayne!! Someday you'll make a great dad.
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears and Bearly Sane Studio


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