Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flying off to Thailand tonight!

This week I went to camp everyday and is able to book out! The day after tomorrow will be a torture for us because Thailand's weather will be very hot ranging from 35 to 40 degree Celsius. I think we might suffer from sun burns and dehydration :(

I am happy that Bunny Lara has found a new home yesterday and I will be sending her to the post office today, just nice that I am still in Singapore to send her to her new mum. Checking my list of visitors from the blog statistic, I realised that my blog has visitors from 42 countries! Wow thank you so much for viewing my blog =) If your country's name isn't stated on my list, the last tab, kindly drop me a comment and I will add it in immediately.

I will miss seeing my niece for 2 weeks too, maybe when I am back she is will grow much bigger! This picture below is shared by my sister yesterday night, I hope this picture makes you smile too =)
Lavigne has always so much expressions! We are always waiting for the right timing to capture her cute expression.

Good bye my friends, I will be writing here again in 2 weeks time!


  1. Hello Wayne,

    I don't know if you will see this before you leave, but I am wishing you a safe and adventure-filled journey. Come back home and tell us all about your trip.

    Sweet baby - again. What a cute face!

    Have fun! Be safe!


  2. Thank

    Thankyou Ginger, I m on my way to the airport now:)
    c u in 2 weeks time!


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