Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am back from my trip =)

Greetings beary friends,

I am finally back and I miss everyone. I have been posted to Thailand for 2 weeks overseas exercise, complusory for all man in Singapore to reserve the army for 10 cycles after their 2 years of millitary training. This also means that I have 9 more cycles to go...

Thailand is much hotter than Singapore, temperature ranged between 35-40 degrees. We are lucky that the first 2 days had rained heavily so we had a much cooler weather during our exercise. As a storeman, our role is to issue stores and equipments to the soldiers and send rations out field. We woke up early 4am in the morning to pack the rations and we made 3 trips everyday from the base camp to the field sending water supplies too.

Our base camp is stationed at the rural area, thus I see a different standard of living since I grow up in the city. Life is simple there but everyone seems to be happy and contented with what they have and who they are. Some of the Thai converts their house into a small provision shop, while some of them had their own field for farming.

Some of the common animals you can see on road sides are dogs, chickens and cows. They are roaming around freely. On one of my trip to the mountain, I saw a group of wild boars and even a hyena! The signages and banners on the road side and stores are all in Thai which we had difficult reading them, but luckily most of the time we have a Thai driver with us to do the translation for us.

There are many temples in Thailands, we realise that the Thai Royal Army horn their vehicles twice everytime they pass the temple to pay their respect.

My training buddies mostly aged 30 and above, they are friendly and I am blessed to have meet them in this exercise. We had excellent team work and everyone did their part to make this exercise a memorable one. Overall I can say that this exercise isn't that bad as what I have imagined.

Now that I am back after the long rest, I am now working on a few custom orders. New creations will be available in the month of April. Have a great week!

Hugs, Wayne

Storemando Buddies


  1. Hi Wayne,

    It's good to hear you are back! Glad you made it with some good memories too. It's very interesting to hear about your experience and the things you saw while in Thailand. Nice to see the photos too! I hope the bears will be a little more patient if you don't get up at 4am to start work!

    Happy Bearmaking.

  2. Love these pictures Wayne. Looks like you made the best out of your duty. Thailand sounds like a beautiful place. Glad you are home safe.


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