Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Panda Marshmallow is here in Wayneston Town!

Hey, take a look here. We have a new baby boy in town! His name is Marshmallow, he is made of soft white and black alpaca.

Little Marshmallow has a double neck joint, this allows him to tilt his neck and head into various angles and positions.

I have also handmade a necklace for him too, this necklace is made with precious stones, mirco gold coloured beads and a golden bell. Have I ever mentioned before that I used to do beading before i make bears? Haha... I will share more of my beading creations with you the next time =)

I love beading too!

I hope you will enjoy viewing pictures of my new bear, hope that he makes you smile =)
Good night my friends...zzz

Hugs, Wayne


  1. Very sweet Pandababy, i like your work. I hope i can see your Bears live in the future.
    -- Dirk

  2. He is so cute Wayne. I love how he can move his head around. We have a lot in common I think. I am also a beader. You should see my bead stash. I would love to see some of your bead creations. Do you have pics of them somewhere?

  3. Yeeesss, he is very nice and funny!!!

  4. Thank you for the compliments :)

    Joanne, I started beading 5 years ago during my army days.
    I enjoy beading cartoon characters as well as miniature accessories.
    I will share more soon, I do not have an album on my beading creations.


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