Monday, July 25, 2011

Some iPhone apps that I love!

I enjoy sharing some of my teddy bear making pictures on Instagram then it will linked to my facebook account. If you are a iPhone user and would like to follow me on Instagram, you can find me @
User name: waynestonbears

A picture took with Instagram effects

Lately I have also found some interesting apps that you can use to beautify your iphone photos.

1) Leme Camera
Leme Camera allows u to take 4 shots of yourself, just pose within the few seconds and poom! waits for your collage of photos with different effects! It never fails to surprise me =)

2) iLockScreen Maker
This is an interesting app, you can insert calendar onto your wallpaper and add borders.

3) PhotoShake
My favourite! You may choose any pictures from your Camera Roll then SHAKE! Each time you shake your phone it creates a different layout collage of your selected pictures! It's really fun!

Have fun with your iPhone! ^.^


  1. How fun. I am not an iPhone use or really a phone user of any sort. If I had something like this I think I would play all day, it's best if I stay away.

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