Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hi friends, I know that I have not been actively updating my blog lately :x
Just to let you know that I am still working with my bears but... at a slower pace. This is due to my job change and time management adjustment. I have now some new sidelines to commit hence bear making time will be reduced.

This week I am working on a squirrel, here are some pictures of him. I am crossing my fingers that he could be completed tomorrow. What is missing with him is the whiskers, waxed nose polishing and colour shadings, lastly I have to arrange a photography appointment with him. LOL

Before the Daddy gave me eyelids

Look at my eyes! =D
I have been kinda addicted to needle felting lately. It's tiring but fun... I poked my fingers a few times, I can tell that it's definitely more painful than needle pokes... :x
Here are some of the items that I have felted 2 weeks ago.

Yes.. Just Balls

Guess what am I doing?
I have used some of these felted objects to accessorise my bears for "Bear on Parade" show, which will be held next week (July 15-17). I hope you could give us some of your support, do come and visit us ok? :)

I hope you have a lovely & blessed weekend.

Hugs, Wayne

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