Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New certificate design ^.^

Humphrey the little hedgehog is on his way to Canada today. I have made him the first Wayneston Bears "Certificate of Authenticity"! This is a new item that I will be adding as part of the packagaing for all creations. It's consists of 3 pieces of documents: 1) Name of creation with his/her photograph 2) Details and specifications of the creation 3) My artist profile.

I am a bear collector too, I bought several pieces of bears from different artists. I love the different ways of each individual artists present their creations, from the box, wrapping paper, gifts to packaging. I am still learning to make my presentation special, as times goes I can see improvements to my creations, website and packaging.

*P.S photos taken at night with my Iphone :x

Suede Label
Tonight, I have done needle felting to a Monkey's face! He is almost complete, can't wait to share with you his pictures soon ^.^

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