Saturday, August 20, 2011

A new attempt! A monkey with felted face!

Few weeks ago I have mentioned on my blog that I have been trying to make a monkey with needle felted face. Here are some of his pictures! I have used Churro Wool to felt his face, it really felts very fast and hard! (It's so hard that I broke 2 felting needles!) It's very easy to use, in the past, I used merino wool to felt and it takes me ages to make them hard :( One of the downside of Churro is it's rough texture. Even when I used the finest needle, the surface is still coarse and rough. The next time I will try over laying other softer wool to give it a softer feel and touch.
I felted the whole face before setting the eyes, the monkey picture behind is my reference
I set the eyes

I added more details to add depth around the eyes area

Next is to paint!
This monkey is specially created for a swap with an artist, she as given me a chance to do something different. The result of this monkey might not turned out to be the best, but I have put in my heart and soul to make him. Even though some of my friends doesn't like him, but to me - I will never forget him... he is still my baby, I love him and I'll miss him. Tomorrow I will share more about our swap bears, good night =)


  1. I love seeing this WIP of Caspian. He turned out perfectly!

  2. We must have the same idea. I did the same yesterday but mine was supposed to be a bear but ended up looking like a monkey LOL. In the process of changing it all - the beauty of needle felting is that you can fix your mistakes without much drama.
    Looks good.

  3. I love the WIP too Joanne. I enjoy making him, thanks for giving me an opportunity to try something new =)

    Tracey, one thing that I always believe is "Never give up your design" till the very last moment. You will never know how different it will turn out. Most of the time will appears to be something even more beautiful than expected. Have trust in yourself you will see the different.

    Thank you Linda, I feel so happy to heard this from a needle felting guru =)


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