Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Art of Pricing for Profit

I always questioned myself if I am getting anywhere. I have been very lazy lately and hasn’t been motivated L Today I checked my email and came across an email from Etsy, subject titled “How to Price for Profit Workbook”. Most of the time I would delete mails from Etsy however this subject had triggered me to read what’s in the content. I was right… this is a really good stuff!

I am not trained to do proper accounting for my bear business, however I made an excel profit and loss sheet 3 years ago to keep track of my expenses and income. My goal was to keep this hobby self sustain, meaning that I need not fork out excess personal income to keep this expensive hobby. If I really do, my mum would scream…

This email from Etsy links you to a PDF page called “The Art of Pricing for Profit”. I found this topic very interesting so I continued reading and clicking on several links on the pages. It bought me to one of the website which makes me excited; this website is called “Outright”. Outright is a website which helps you organize and generates reports on your income and expenses, this way you know what items are you over spending and is generating income.

One of the links which I came across while reading was "Designing an MBA" . After you joined their mailing list, you will receive a PDF ebook titled "The Best of Skill Price + Profit". It's a hundred pages ebook, I have received much information on ways to improve this hobby business and do it right. I am inspired, I hope this would continue to keep me motivated.

I hope that the information on this blog has been useful, have a creative day!



  1. Thanks Wayne, I will come back on the weekend hopefully I will have a little bite of time, to study it.

  2. Interesting info here Wayne. I do hope that when you filled everything out that you found you had "priced for profit."

  3. I hope these links helps Kays Kids and Joanne, do let me know u you come across any interesting findings =)


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