Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Melbourne Trip Day 2 - Melbourne Bear Fair (5 May 2012)

The day has finally come! It's the Bear Fair in Melbourne, Berwick Leisure Centre! This is an interesting place, the event is held in an indoor basket ball court, I have never imagine that! Can you?

This is my table display. I bought along with me 22 bears/animals, they are small in size so I have to bring more to fill my table. You can see that my banner fits nicely to the width of the table, they are secured at the eyelets with metal thumb tacks knocked into the wooden table.

A very pretty lady walk towards me after I set up my table, she asked to have a picture taken with me. I look at her fimilar face and was thinking "hey, I have seen her somewhere before, but where?" After sometime, I recalled that she is one of the famous bear artist in Australia! She is Helen Gleeson (Bare Cub Designs). Helen makes very cute Mink Bears, I love her table display, her bears looks like pastries!

Lisa Dopking (Megelles) is the 2nd artist that came to speak to me, I am surprise because she is one of my facebook friend! I asked to have a photo taken, look at her beautiful table of bears!

Here is Valma Bolton, owner of Teddy Bits. She is such a cheerful lady with a great smile! Teddy Bits provides bearing making workshops and supplies, patterns and sewing kits. One day if I do visit Australia again, I would definitely like to visit her shop.

Margaret Burke's table is just beside me! Look at how happy my mum is standing besides them! I am glad my family enjoys the show too! Margaret is an award winning artist from Sydney, you can see more of her beautiful Nikkel Bears on her blog here.

Susan Leigh, creator of Bear Leigh Bears is at the show too, I am happy to see her and she is one of my facebook friend as well.

Can you see a fimilar face on this picture? Yes! It's Herbie the Squirrel! Leah is mummy of Herbie, she adopted Herbie last year. How wonderful it is to met my bear collector in Australia! I quickly asked my cousin to take a picture of us with Herbie and the Award (1st Place, Animal Category in Singapore International Teddy Bear Award 2011). Leah is so friendly, I know we will meet again very soon.

Hey wait! How can we miss her out? She is Linda Benson of Benson Bears! Linda is one of the most reputable bear artist in the bear making industry, lots of students flew to Australia attend her bear workshops. She is a guru, I hope one day to attend one of her classes.

Craig is one of my collector as well =) He adopted Eddie, a traditional bear which I made in my early days. I want to thank Craig for providing me lots of information about Melbourne before I went, you are so helpful! =)

This is Sandra-kay and her lovely mum that can speak and understand Chinese! Wow! They are both very friend, one day they might come to participate in the Singapore Bear Show!

Merilyn Willits Pursell of Bearwildered Bears is my facebook friend too. We chat a few times on facebook, i am glad that she could recognise me at the show! LOL
Her bears are filled with personality and are well like by everyone. One day I will add one of her bears in my collection.

Josey Freni, has a lovely table of bears! Her table is beside Kim Garratt. Both of them are working at Bear Essence, a teddy bear shop in Melbourne. At Bear Essence you could sign up for Linda, Merilyn, Josey and many other great artist's bear making workshop.

Kim and Me
Have a seen these cute mini bears made by Karen Alderson? They are so small and fits nicely onto your palm! I want one! One day I will adopt one too!

Last but not least, she is the one that make all this happen and gathers all the artists to the show! Melissa Kemp, organiser of the show! Melissa is the owner of The Art of Teddy Bears in Sydney, you may visit her website here to check out on the latest upcoming event.

Sophia, Me and Melissa
Some of our group photos. Hope you like my photo tour on the Melbourne Bear Show, see you again some day! =)

Every show we visit, there must be a family photo =) Thank you for all the support to make this happen!

Picture with Linda Burge, a bear artist based in Melbourne



  1. Wow... very interesting and lovely pics. Thanks for sharing (*^^*)

  2. Thank you Wayne for your wonderful blog post describing the Melbourne Fair and including so many of your gorgeous photographs. We hope you will be able to join us again next year. Good luck...

  3. Thank you Wayne for your wonderful blog post describing the Melbourne Fair and including so many of your gorgeous photographs. We hope you will be able to join us again next year. Good luck...

  4. Nice to meet you Josey, hope to meet you again soon =)


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