Monday, May 14, 2012

Melbourne Trip Day 1 - Part 2 (Eureka Skydeck)

Do you remember me saying that I will be meeting another bear artist for dinner? Yes? She is Margaret Burke of Nikkel Bears!

Mum, Margaret, Aggie & Dad
On the first day when we touched down to Melbourne, we met Margaret and her friend Aggie at the Eureka Skydeck. The Eureka Skydeck is one of the tourist attraction and it is 88 levels high! The landscape of Melbourne seen from the top is mesmerizing, especially at night with all the city lights on.

After the visit to the Skydeck, we went to China Town for dinner. We are surprised that Margaret and Aggie enjoys Chinese Food! We chose a Chinese restaurant, ordered some dishes and 2 bottles of white wine. The dinner is wonderful, nice food, great ambience and we have so much fun.

Margaret & Aggie

Say Cheers!

Cousin Christoper & Mum
My parents are very happy having dinner the first time with Australian friends. Though they can't understand English, they seems to understand each other through body languages and gestures, there are so much laughter.

After we bid good bye to Margaret and Aggie, we rest early that night looking forward to the Melbourne Bear Fair the next morning.


  1. I'm so glad you found a friend in Margaret.
    Hugs Kay

    1. Thanks Kays Kids, Margaret is a cheerful lady! Her bears are beautiful!

  2. Hi Wayne - I'm very glad to have met you and your wonderful family: Aggie and I had just the very best time (I think I've converted her to all things beary LOL!!!). Hope we get the opportunity to catch up again somewhere in the world! xxx

    1. hi Margaret, it's wonderful meetin you and Aggie. You make our trip so fun and memorable =) Yes, meet soon again!


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