Friday, May 11, 2012

Melbourne Trip Day 1 - Part 1

We board the Emirates Airlines to Melbourne on Friday night with excitement as it’s our first time to Australia.

The flight from Singapore to Melbourne is 7 hours.  Emirates is not a budget Airline however we felt that it has very tight leg space :(   The flight is still bearable as we could still catch a few movies on the plane before we alight from the aircraft.

The temperature in Melbourne is cold approximately 13 Degree Celsius.  The first 2 days has been drizzling that makes the weather much colder.  After touching down to the Melbourne airport, we took a cab to our motel near Flinder Street which was location at the CBD (Central Business District) area.

Lodging Stay
We stayed at City Square Motel which was recommended by one of my friend.  It’s a budget Motel located at 67 Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.  We have no complaint at all, the place is clean, friendly staff and good location.  In total, we paid $725 AUD for a room of 4 (5 nights).

Our location is convenient, there is so many restaurants and stores. This is the city of Melbourne hence it’s very crowded and busy. We are surprise to see many Chinese here, so many of them were from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong and Taiwan.
Melbourne feels like Singapore, we could adapt to the environment and lifestyle easily. Melbourne is very clean like Singapore, or maybe even cleaner, you could hardly find any rubbish on the streets. The pace in Melbourne is slow and relax unlike in Singapore.  The different races (English, Chinese and Indians etc) were all friendly and living in harmony.  Melbourne is 2 hours ahead of Singapore and by 6pm the skies are dark.  The shops here opens from 10am to 6pm, unlike Singapore which closes at 9-10pm.
Remember to bring your own tote bags or paper bags! In most of the stores, you have to pay for carriers which cost about 20 cents! Be eco-friendly and save the earth!

There is a Free City Circle Tram which is posted below that takes you around the city! It's slow but a good transport to bring you around for site seeing =)

There is no difficulty for us to find food! You can see rows of food outlets and restaurants. There are Thai, Chinese, Vietnam, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Indian and Australian food everywhere! You have so many choices to choose from!
1) One of our favourite place for breakfast is Pie Face. There are many chain outlets of it, you would not miss it. Pie face has a large variety of yummy pies and their coffee is really nice. What’s more, there is free WIFI! This is the place where I access most of the time to facebook.

2) Hunger Jack has the same logo as the Burger King in Singapore. They serve almost the same menu therefore we could conclude that they are the same company. There is free WIFI too, you just need to access to your explorer or safari first to register for an account before using them. The free WIFI is only up to 30 mins, for one hour you need to fill up their survey questions online.

3) Petalling Street serve the best Chinese food! We have been eating this restaurant for dinner for 3 times! My parents couldn’t adapt to Australian / Western food therefore we have to eat only Chinese Food. Petalling Street serves very nice fish dishes and other delicacy. There is free WIFI too! Just ask their staff for the password to access to WIFI.

That’s the end of our Melbourne Trip Day 1, there are other parts coming soon so stay tune. I am still in the midst of consolidating pictures. We hope you enjoy reading our adventure in Melbourne! See you tomorrow =)


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay in Melbourne.

  2. Love reading these details, looking forward to more.


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