Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Melbourne Trip Day 3 - Visit to the Melbourne Zoo

The weather is wonderful, 13 degrees that day, we just worn a jacket to keep us warm. We took a cab to the Melbourne Zoo which was about 20 minutes away from our Motel.

This is the entrance of the zoo, it looks very different from Singapore, the entrance doesn't look like a zoo to us, haha! We took a picture with the logo which is a design of 3 apes.

Look at this monkey, he is caught yawning...

These are real Pelicans, they are huge! Each of them height about our hips level, my dad and mum are so brave to have taken a picture with one of them! I am not sure if they bite!

Isn't this wonderful? Zebras and Giraffes are living harmoniously together. We are lucky to catch the show here. The pretty zoo keeper feeds the 15 years old giraffe with carrots while introducing her to us.

These are very big Wombats, they love to dig deep undergrounds to build homes.

What a disappointment! The weather is so good to sleep! The koala refuses to wake up :(

A group of cute little wild boars!

We visit the shop to purchase some souveniors back home.

I bought one of these monkey for myself :p
Remember "Timon" the cute little Meerkat from the Disney movie "The Lion King"? We are so excited to see these active and mischievous little ones at the Melbourne zoo. They aren't afraid of us, instead they ran towards us to take photos of them. They are so cute that I wanted to keep one as a pet!

This is the most favourite place in the zoo! Look at these little Penguins, they are one of the smallest breed! Isn't that interesting? They live on the land unlike those we see mostly which live in cold places. Each of them have different colour tags on both their wings, this enables the zoo keeper to know their names and location. They are very well trained and organise during the feeding time. Each of them has a different personality they are so cute!

Look! It's a Peter Pan Sculpture!

This tiger is so realistically and beautifully made! If only I could carry him back to Singapore and goes through without difficulty at the airport customs LOL!
Thanks for reading on our Melbourne Trip today!
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us, Wayne! Your parents are so lovely - it's great you were all able to go. Love the big tiger, maybe you should have had him shipped to Singapore! Hugs, Janice


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