Monday, July 30, 2012

Basic Bear Making Workshop 21 & 29 July 2012

2 of the students signed up for the Basic Bear Making Workshop this time, they did a wonderful job in completing their bears.

This is the first time Liza makes a Teddy Bear, it's going to be a special one, specially made for her husband. I am sure he will love this handmade gift =) Liza has sewing background, her stitches were neat and I can see that she has the talent of becoming a good bear artist.

Stop squeezing my head, I'm having a headache! LOL

Another student, WL is making his 2nd bear this time for a friend as a gift. This is another refresher course for him since the last time he signed up for the workshop was in January. He is a patience man, when it comes to sewing he is quiet and focus. We can see that the improvements he had comparing to the first bear he has made.

Proud mummy of the first bear!
Both of them did well and I am very proud of them, looking forward to see Liza and WL soon for the next workshop. =)

Bear on left made by Liza and Right by WL


  1. They are both adorable. I love seeing your students working.

  2. Congratulations to the students, they are wonderful.


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