Sunday, August 5, 2012

Megan Chamberlain's Blog Give-away

Megan, daughter of Wendy Chamberlain is also doing a blog give-away. This bear named Floss is also made from my give-away pattern they have won few months ago.

I want to thank Wendy and Megan for sharing their bears made with my pattern. You can see that even with the same pattern, the final product which is the bear looks completely different. They have reduced the size and chose a miniature fabric to make this bear. I guess this is something that most of the artists love to share because even if the pattern or techniques no ones makes the same bear!

I think Wendy's give-away is closing today, you may see the results at her blog:

To enter for Megan's give-away bear, visit her blog here:

Good Luck!
Have a wonderful week everyone =)

Hugs, Wayne


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