Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Make a Bear Workshop 10 & 24 September 2017

Wayneston Studios is pleased to have 3 students attending the Make-a-Bear Workshop held on 10 & 24 September.

L-R: Doreen, Gladys and Yvonne

It is the first time for the students namely, Doreen, Gladys and Yvonne, making a Teddy Bear.

Wayne was happy to know that the 3 students were able to perform hand sewing and very quickly, they managed to stitch the bear parts without assistance.

Wayne shared with them the way to make a secure gathering stitch at the base of the head. The students later tried, for the first time, in turning a T-pin after inserting washers and discs into the head and neck.

After their bear heads were fully stuffed, they proceeded to embroider the nose for their bears. They all done a great job keeping the stitches neat!

In the 2nd class, they learned how to joint and stuff the bear.
Wayne was also delighted to receive a handmade doll made by Doreen!

She is now waiting for Wayne to make a pink bear to swap in return! This swap has made both of us very excited.

Bear made by Gladys

Bear made by Doreen

Bear made by Yvonne

Thank you Doreen, Gladys and Yvonne in joining our class. We hope to seeing you again soon.



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