Friday, October 27, 2017

Baby Whitley Workshop for Lucky Winners

On 27 August, 4 lucky winners namely, Ying Yip Cheng, Grace Lee, Zhen Hui Koh and Geck Woon Ng won the Facebook contest for FREE "Baby Whitley" Teddy Bear Workshop.

L-R: Geck Woon, Grace, Yip Cheng, Zhen Hui and her 2 daughters
The workshop was held at Wayneston Studios on Thursday, 31 August evening.
As soon as the class started, we felt the excitement from the participants as this was their very first time making a Teddy Bear.

Wayne shared with them the basic sewing and jointing techniques to complete their bear.

Baby Whitley which is 4.5 inch tall, however seems to be a little to small for them. They faced difficulty turning the body parts inside out and especially sewing the tiny little nose! However with perseverance and patience from all of them, they manage to complete their bears! Wayne is so please with their bears, each of them looks beautiful with their own unique personality!

Wayne with Zhen Hui & 2 daughters

Despite of the small bear body size, it actually took about 6 hours for the group to complete their bears! After the class, we took some group photos in the studio.

Proud Mummy of Baby Whitley, Grace!

Proud Mummy of Baby Whitley, Geck Woon!
We want to thank everyone for their participation in our give-away and we look forward to meeting everyone again soon!



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