Saturday, November 18, 2017

Make-a-Mouse Workshop 18 & 25 October

Wayneston Studios is happy to have Marcia back again to make a mouse this time!

Marcia and her cute little mouse!

Marcia adopted a Wayneston Mouse, Scruffy few years ago and has always wanted to make another friend for him.

Making a mouse has some different techniques apart from the bear workshop she attended previously. After cutting out the pattern, Wayne showed Marcia how to shave of the fur on the face, paws and feet of the mouse.

Wayne also taught her how to make a wired tail and sewing it onto the body.

With Marcia's bear making experience, making a mouse is a breeze! After the mouse is completed, Marcia gave the mouse light colour shadings to enhance the expression and add whiskers onto his cheeks.

L-R: Buttermilk, Scruffy, Chips and Marcia's Mouse

Marcia's collection! The bear on the right is made by her! 

Cute little mouse made by Marcia

Thank you for joining our Mouse Workshop Marcia, we hope to see you soon again.



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