Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Taiwan International Teddy Bear Show, 5 November 2017

Wayneston Bears / Studios is pleased to be invited to participate in the Taiwan International Teddy Bear Show this year. We were all excited because it's our first time visiting Taiwan.

Philip & Wayne
In total, there were more than 30 bear artists who participated in this show. The event was well-organised and venue easy to find. The show was held at Syntrend Creative Park, which is a shopping mall. Food was also easily accessible at the basement of the mall.

Before the show commenced, Wayne and Philip spent some time meeting and networking with Taiwan artists as they have not met before. Taiwanese artists were very friendly and thankfully with our common Mandarin language,  we were able to communicate easily.

This is the 14th show hosted by TWTBA (Taiwan Teddy Bear Association). The organiser, Mr Lim told us that he started the first show with only just 6 artists. He inspired us to continue the passion in bringing more local artists together to promote the art of bear making.

Wayne and Mr Lim (Organiser of Taiwan International Teddy Bear Show)
At the show, we were also very happy to meet our fellow artist friends namely, Marina Osetrova (Russia), Masaya Sato, Yuko Nakayama (Japan), Roy and Heather Lyell (New Zealand), Lynette Kennedy and George Weber (USA).

George Weber

L- R: Yuko Nakayama & Hiromi Numata

Masaya Sato

Marina Osetrova

Lynette Kennedy

 Some of the new friends we met were Danielle Chou, Karen Wei (Taiwan), Hiromi Numata (Japan) and Tineke Oostveen (Holland).

Yuliyea Chen

Danielle Chou & her beautiful daughter

Karen Wei

Mary Tang

Tineke Oostveen

Helen from Malaysia

Wendy Wu

Chieh Bear
Collectors entered the show room at 11am sharp, moving in an orderly manner and going through several rounds to look at all artists work before deciding which bears to adopt. We saw the same group of collectors at least 2-3 times, which is good as it meant that they liked our bears and kept coming back to view them.

On one side of the show room, there were Teddy Bear Supplies for sale while on the other side of the room, there were tables and chairs for visitors to purchase a Teddy Bear kit to complete a simple teddy bear for themselves.

Workshop area for visitors to make their own Teddy Bear

There was also a charity showcase for raffles draws at the very last hour of the show. We heard several shrieks of excitement when someone won bears made by popular artists.

Visitors purchase tickets and insert them into boxes with artist bears' name labelled.
We were glad that Lulu and Whitelite found a home. A lady purchased them at the very last minute before the show ends.

Thank you for adopting Wayneston Bears!
The Wayneston Studios Team!
We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for coming to visit our table, as well as the organiser for hosting such a wonderful event.


Wayneston Studios & Team

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