Saturday, September 12, 2009

New blog!

Hi everyone! I have decided to set up a new blog to post the bears that i have made.
As I will be spending most of my time making bear, I should be only able to add a new post weekly :)

I made my bears every day after my work, erm about 3-4 hours a day. Thanks to my teacher Emen Chen who taught me bear making skills, I m a step closer to my dream as a toy designer :)

Here are some of my older bears that i have made during my class.

Proudly presents my first bear - Rosie!!!

Here are some of the pictures which show the process of bear making :0)

Week 1: Making of the bear's head

Week 2: Stitching of the nose

Week 2: Stitching of body parts and joints

Week 3: Joining of body parts

I will post more images of my earlier bears in my next posting.

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