Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hazel the Little Squirrel

Introducing Hazel the Squirrel! She is dark brown in colour, made of curly mohair.
She is special to me... I got so attached to her! =)

It might be easy to create, but to create something that speaks to you is really a challenge... This time, I have specially given her a pair of needle felted eyelids (second time approach) around the eye area to give her a more realistic look.

Needle felting is so fun! especially when the results turns out to be better than expected =) Oh yeah... her tail is also in-built with wire armatures too, you can pose her to your liking =)

Check Hazel on Ebay!


  1. What a cute little fellow... love him!!!

  2. An adorable little animal. I admire your ability to create more than just bears.

  3. Esther =) Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Joanne, Wow thanks for the quick comment! I just posted this a few hours ago =) I m really happy that you are one of the few that read my blog! Thank you =)

  4. awww I adore little Hazel, what a cutie she is :) xx

  5. Oh Hazel is sooooo cute Wayne, I bet she will be very difficult to say goodbye to. Let's hope she finds a loving home.
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  6. Thank you Sandi, your comments are lovely!
    Hazel is happy to stay with me while waiting for a new home =)


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