Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A custom made bunny bear

I am feeling happy today! This evening, I have passed a custom made bunny bear to a male customer which was requested by him 3 weeks ago.

This bunny bear is specially made for his girlfriend =) His girlfriend has lost her bunny-bear which her aunt bought or her as a gift 15 years ago. It was lost during transportation and she is terribly upset as this bunny bear has a sentimental value to her and they could not find the similar bunny in any shops anymore.

He has sent me some of the images of the bunny and I believed this bunny is a manufactured bear. Its really a challenge for me as I m still a novice in soft sculpture design... although as a product designer, I had the ability to visualise 2 dimensional into 3Ds.

Initially, I have thought of rejecting his request but when i met up with him and his girlfriend, I somehow feel that i must help them with my ability and passion for design. I wanted them to be happy and i wish i can do something to help =)

Its really challenging to do this... they have no samples to show me... just a few sketches drawn by me and a rough dimensions given by them... and of course the most helpful photographs from them with no side views :(

My prototype

I have spent a week cracking my head after my work, spent few hours a day to draw designs and made a prototype with cloth. It's really not that easy! My mum had asked me to call them up to reject their request several times, as she isn't confident that i could made it :(

Now a week has passed, and i have proven her wrong! Here's the final design!

Now he has received the bunny bear and is pleased with the design, I am really really glad. I hope her girlfriend will like the bunny and pass her down to their future children and grandchildren.

And they live happily ever after.


  1. What a truly beautiful job you've done of re-creating this sweet bunny Your customers girlfriend will be delighted with her brand new heirloom. xx Great job Wayne :o)

  2. Hey Mr Wayne, nice one. And you've got a lovely blog. Don't need my help with the layout at all =)

  3. Haha, Justy thanks for the sweet comments =)


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