Saturday, July 3, 2010

TBAAF Awards 2010! ~ Please vote for me =)

Good morning friends, I want to update that the TBAAF Awards 2010 has started!
You can start voting from July 3rd - 16th. Please enter the link below:

I am happy to see Hazel the squirrel has been featured on the poster =) That's a very happy thing to see when I wake up in the morning.

This is my first time participating in teddy bear competition and I am really excited about it! Below are the 3 entries that I have submitted, I would appreciate if you can vote for me!

1)Novice Bear Maker Award (Joakim, Jasper & Jacob)

2) Rabbit Awards (Kelly & Kerris)

3) Animal Critters Award (Hazel the Squirrel)

Thanks for viewing my blog and voting. Have a great day =)


  1. Hi!

    It is very likely I will vote for your rabbits because I love them so much!

    I have not made my choice for the other categories. so many great critters I will need a few days to decide.

    One thing is sure, I really love a lot your bears and critters and this voting will not change my view point about it!

    I will very likely ending up adopting one of your rabbits but this might need to wait for a few years (unless I ask one as a wedding gift but my fiancee hates rabbits, argh!).

    Big bear hugs,

  2. Hi Sophie,

    Thanks for commenting and viewing my blog =) I agreed that there are so many wonderful creations, to be frank I haven't select which to vote too! :p

    I m so glad that you like my rabbits and I would like to customise for you whenever u r ready to adopt them =) Meantime I am also making a pair of wedding bunnies for my friend who is getting married next year.

    I am very thankful that you vote for my rabbits, have a beary wonderful day! =)


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