Friday, October 22, 2010

Wayneston Monkees

Hi everyone, this week I am adding 2 new members in my blog to say hello to everyone!

These 2 monkees are named Rowell and Jaslynn, don't you like that make a lovely couple?

Both Rowell & Jaslynn will be available on Bear Pile, so do visit the website if you are interested to see more pictures of them.

Wow time flies, it's less than 3 weeks to prepare for the Singapore Teddy Bear Show! I am scratching my head now, I have got to prepare so many things - namecards, guest book, website etc...

I am going to update my new website now, I wish everyone a great Friday and weekend =)

Wayneston Hugs, Wayne ^.^

Rowell & Jaslynn


  1. Fantastic personality! They could not be cuter.

  2. Hi Wayne, these are so fantastic, really good work. Congratulations!
    Kind regards, Claire

  3. Hi,

    Like them a lot!! Great work,


  4. Thank you Joanne, Iris, Claire and Leny =)
    I appreciate your kind comments! Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Son una preciosidad.
    Me he enamorado de ellos.
    besitos ascension


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