Monday, December 17, 2012

A Dragon for a Doll

I would like to share with you today, one of our wonderful swap recently.

I have traded a dragon, Artemis for an Artist Doll "Felix" made by the famous Nikki Britt from US.

Artist profile - Introduction wrote by Nikki:

My name is Brittani Nicole LimaOsorio, but I go by Nikki Britt. I am primarily a sculptor but I like to dabble in photography, painting, drawing, bear making, and almost any form of art I can get my hands on! I enjoy what I do, it brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction every time I finish a piece. Through my art I like to portray the innocence of life. That time in our life when everything was magical and wonderful, when anything was possible and our imagination was our limit; when dreams were what life was made out of. The nostalgia of this time brings a smile to everyone...and that is my goal.

Above: Wintersnow and Felix
I really love Nikki's dolls, they are so child-like, sweet looking, posable and made with excellent craftmanship. You can view more of her beautiful creations on her website here:
You can see that Felix is still naked, I gotta find time to give him some make ups and clothes!
Felix is so photogenic! He looks good in any angle I posed him and fits nicely with Wayneston Bears! You will see more of him appearing in more of my bear photos.

Above is Artemis the Dragon which I made specially for Nikki. I hope you like him too.
Thanks for popping by today, we hope you enjoy reading about our swap.
Hugs, Wayne

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