Sunday, August 25, 2013

A wonderful evening with the Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers

(Top L-R): Evelyn, Gabrielle, Philip, Marcia & Me (Below L-R): Irene, Anna & Esther

On Friday night, I organized a Teddy Bear Gathering and was pleased to see such a big turnout!
Most of the attendees are from the Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers Facebook Group, which was created by me a year ago. This is the first time so many people came as in the past, it was normally just Esther, Irene and myself.

I have always been actively looking for people who are keen in bear making to join us.
To make this happen, I took the initiative to call some of my students to join the "lonely" 3 of us for this gathering.
One of the highlights of the event was that we had a very special guest all the way from Russia........

Anna Filatova! Anna is a bear artist who is currently residing in Singapore. She makes beautiful traditional vintage style bears. Her appearance made us all very excited as this is the first time we have an overseas bear artist joining us in the gathering.

We enjoyed our Japanese dinner at Ramen Champion and decided to settle down at the spacious McDonald's to "show off" our bears!
There was certainly an impressive number of bears on the table and this caught the attention of passersby who were simply blown away by the display. Ha ha...... I bet they must have been wondering what on earth we were doing!
Our large collection is more than enough to fill up a show table!
After the gathering, Anna, Esther, Philip and I walked to the National Museum as well as the Art Museum to enjoy the Night Festival.
All of us certainly enjoyed our evening together and I am sure everyone of us are looking forward to the next one soon.
I would also like to thank my best friend Philip, for taking these beautiful pictures for us all.
Currently, there are about 20 people in the Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers Group. I hope to gather more bear/doll lovers & artists and have an even bigger gathering next time.

If you are a Teddy Bear Enthusiast/Artist/Collector would like to join us for future gatherings, do join the Facebook group here. *Please note that this group is meant for people who reside in Singapore Only.

The more the merrier!
Here's a short video to share our happy moments with you ^.^



  1. Wow.. thank u so much Wayne for organizing this beary lovely gathering. I'm so glad that I got to meet a few more bear euthanasiats here. It was a very fruitful and wonderful meet up and I'm looking forward to the next meet up soon. ♥♥♥

  2. Thank you for coming to the gathering Esther. Yes, we look forward to the next one soon! :)


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