Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers Gathering cum Anna Filatova Farewell BBQ Dinner

We are sad to hear that our Russian Teddy Bear Artist friend, Anna Filatova and her husband, Andrey will be leaving Singapore in May this year for another country.

Andrey and Anna

A BBQ gathering was organized at her apartment to bid farewell to her and husband. This time, a small group of 8 people, namely Philip, Esther, Su Ling, Ivy, Anna, Andrey, Marcia and me attended this gathering.

Esther, Ivy and Su Ling

A BBQ Feast!

We are very thankful to Esther, who does most of the cooking and marinating for the chicken wings, corns and bacon with asparagus roll. The food she has prepared were really tasty, probably the nicest I have ever eaten so far! Ivy's first attempt to make a salad was a success. There were so much ingredients and was very colourful!  It was soon finished by everyone.

Chef Esther cooking for us!

Bacon with Asparagus Roll prepared by Esther

Salad prepared by Ivy

Brown rice made by Anna

Toasted bread prepared by Anna

Philip and Andrey on the other hand were busy setting up fire for the BBQ Pit, it took approximately 20 mins for the fire to start due to their inexperience. It was their first time using Kingsford Briquets which doesn’t need lighter fluid unlike lump charcoal. After making many attempts, the fire started to glow within the charcoal and very soon we were ready to cook!

Philip is trying to start the fire!

Marinated chicken prepared by Esther

We had so much to eat! There were sausages, chicken wings, otah, salad, toasted bread, mee hoon, satay, pork chop and a huge water melon purchased by Andrey! Andrey skilfully sliced the water melon and gave each of us a big piece. We decided to took a group photo with our slices of watermelon!

Chicken, Pork and Mutton Satays

Wayne is feeling so good near the pool side

Fake and real watermelon, which is real?

Anna and Wayne

Everyone with a big slice of watermelon, say cheese!

After the meal, Anna came out with a game for all to play. It was a guessing game. Each of us drew a piece of paper with a hidden word and had to act out the word for all to guess! It was very funny seeing how everyone acted hilariously and the answers given by the audience.

Su Ling in the act!

After the game, we took out our precious bears and dolls to share with everyone.

Our bear and doll collection

The Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers wishes Anna and Andrey Bon Voyage and all the best in their future endeavours.

Bon Voyage Andrey and Anna!

Do come back and visit us again when you are back in SingaporeWe hope that you have an enjoyable time here in Singapore and we will miss you!

Hugs, Wayne


  1. Wonderful BBQ gathering with my bear gang.... best wishes to Anna & Andrey ;)
    Thank u for the very kind compliment about my cooking. lol..... I am very glad that all were enjoying the food.
    Yum yum!!!

  2. I had an enjoyable time last Saturday!

    Thank you to Andrey and Anna for hosting us. It was great to know you and I hope you guys had an enjoyable stay in Singapore. Hope to see you again soon!

    Esther, thank you for making / brining most of the food for the BBQ and also doing most of the cooking!


  3. I enjoyed myself very much too. It was a day filled with joy and laughter.

    Dear Anna and Andrey, wishing you all the best. I will miss your unique creations.

    Last but not least, a great thank you to the chef of the day - Esther! Cheers!


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