Sunday, January 18, 2015

Make a Valentine’s Day Bear 1 Day Workshop

In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, Wayneston Bears has launched 2 different Valentine’s Day Bear Workshops to cater to different groups of people.

Last weekend, we had 3 students signing up for the 1 Day workshop namely Kenneth, YiCheng and Hui Leng. This is the first time organising this workshop and we were pleasantly surprised that out of the 3 participants, 2 of them were guys making for their wives!

As it was the guys first attempt in making bears, I had to guide them along the way. It was not easy but through much determination and effort, they managed to complete their bears!

For  Hui Leng, she has learnt to make a Bear from another teacher 10 years ago. As she has prior experience making bears, she managed to complete the bear with minimal supervision and assistance! In fact, she had also indicated interest in attending the more advanced bear workshops in future.

Behind: Wayne and Kenneth
Front: Hui Leng and Yichen

We would like to thank all 3 students for attending the 1 Day Make a Valentine’s Day Bear Workshop. Certainly, it was not an easy feat completing a bear in 1 Day and we would like to commend all 3 students for their determination and effort!

Bear made by Hui Leng
We hope to see all of them again in our future Make a Bear Workshops!



  1. All of your students look very pleased with their little love bears.

    1. It was so much fun, thank you for the comment :)


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