Sunday, February 8, 2015

Singapore Teddy Bear Club on!

We are pleased to inform that we have created a Singapore Teddy Bear Club on Meetup! (

Meetup is an online social networking platform that allows members to find and join groups that share the same common interests. 

Through this Meetup community, we hope to reach out to more people who are unaware that there are actually people who collect and/or make in Teddy Bears in Singapore! We will organise regular meetups to catch up with each other, sharing tips on bear making as well as showing each other our latest bear made or purchased. Bear Making Workshops will also be organised for people who like to pick up bear making or start again after a long break from Bear Making!

We are really excited to be part of the Meetup community and hope that this is just the start to more exciting things in the near future!

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  1. I hope it works well for all of the Bear makers in Singapore.
    Hugs Kay


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