Monday, April 6, 2015

Special Vistors - Brian and Kay Cooper from Australia!

We are delighted to meet two new friends from Australia last Friday! We welcomed them, they are Brian and Kay Cooper of Cooper Bears. We have known Kay Cooper from many years on the social media and teddy bear websites, however this is the very first time to meet her in real person.

Kay Cooper is one of the most reputable bear artist in Australia (Perth), she has been making Teddy Bears for more than 20 years! She is not only a passionate teddy bear artist, she too owns a craft store and is a teacher who delicate her life to teach bear making for the last 2 decades.

Her husband, Brian is a friendly man. He supports her in the business and assist in the preparation of bear making.

L-R: Kay, Wayne, Brian and Marcia

They came to Singapore for a week for a holiday. We have arranged a lunch gathering at the Mongolian Restaurant and welcomed them. The Singapore Teddy Bears Lovers was excited to meet and greet Brian & Kay.

The food was served in a buffet style, soon everyone take their own servings and we started enjoying the delicacy and chatted away.

It was the 2nd time Kay visited Singapore, she told us that she loved Singapore and was thrilled to see how much change it has evolved since her last visit which was more than 10 years ago. Kay showed us her travelling bear, named Buckle and passed him around for everyone to admire and say hi to him.

Irene, brought along her travelling bear too and she took a picture of her with Bucket! Bucket is really happy to meet lots of new friends in Singapore.

Cooper Bear, Bucket and Irene's bear

Irene and Kay with their handmade bears

In the midst of our lunch, we took out our bears and showed them to Brian and Kay. One of the signature look that Cooper Bears have is the hand sculpted polymer nose on the bear. Cooper Bears portrays a whimsical, playful and endearing look. They always give people a "Bring me home!" look.

Cooper Bears Pattern - gift from Brian and Kay

Soap Teddy Bear - gift from Brian and Kay

Brian and Kay gave everyone a beautiful Teddy Bear Soap Figurine and a Cooper Bear Pattern (in the pattern are the instructions to create our very own Cooper Bear!). Wayne and Philip gave Easter Eggs chocolates to everyone and gave a bag of Bak Kwa (Pork Jerky) to Brian and Kay as a token of appreciation.

Easter Eggs and Bunnies from Wayne and Philip

A group photo with our gifts from Brian and Kay. Thank you!

At the end of the day, we took a group photo together with our bears and a short video clip to say Hi too.

L-R: Chio, Kay, Brian and Philip

L-R: Evelyn, Kay and Brian

L-R: Su Ling, Kay, Brian and Marcia
We hope to meet Brian and Kay again in Australia or in Singapore again next time. Till then! :)


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