Thursday, August 6, 2015

Make a SG50 Bear Workshop (26July & 2 August 2015)

To commemorate this year's 50th National Day, a Make a SG50 Bear Workshop was specially created.

This time, there were 3 lovely students namely Kim, Pauline and Suzy who registered for the workshop.

Make a SG50 Workshop!

They were all very excited as this was their first time making a small bear.

Prior to the workshop, Wayne had specially hand dyed the mohair to dark cherry pink to create the unique flower bear for this workshop.

Great smile! Pauline!

Kim sewing her bear

Suzy is stuffing her bear's 

Wayne showed them how to use basic sewing techniques to stitch the 2 pieces of mohair and secure them. He emphasized that it is very important to always check and ensure that the thread touches the backing while pulling so that the seams can withstand stretching when stuffing the bear later on.

Suzy is jointing her bear
One of the important thing to take note was the stuffing of bear's head. It had to be stuffed firmly, similar to how a tennis ball feels like when it is squeezed. This help ensure that the nose embroidery would be easier and neat.

As the bear was pretty small, the students had difficulty turning the fabric around after sewing. With more practice, they should be able to turn the fabric easier and quicker.

Once everyone completed their bears, Wayne showed them how to make a simple flower to go along with the bears.

L-R: Suzy, Pauline and Kim

After the workshop, the happy students and Wayne took a group picture together. What a joyous occasion to bring home a hand made teddy bear for this national day!

Back L-R: Wayne, Pauline and Suzy
Front: Kim (She is very shy!) 

Bear made by Suzy

Bear made by Kim

Bear made by Pauline

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

We hope to see Kim, Pauline and Suzy again soon.

Hugs, Wayne

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