Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Teddy Bear Workshop @ WaterwayPoint, 1 May 2016

Last Saturday, we had a wonderful 2-hour bear making session at the newest shopping mall in Singapore, Waterway Point!

Waterway Point is owned by Fraser Centrepoint, located at 83 Punggol Central. It is also about a 10 minutes walk from the newly opened Punggol Safra. With the MRT and bus interchange beside the mall, it is no wonder that the mall is full of people and bustling with activity!

In conjunction with the May Day Carnival, the Waterway Point management hosted a Celebratory Teddy Bear Picnic at their outdoor Garden Area.

The Garden area can accommodate more than 200 people. We are pleased to be invited to be one of the event's highlight to teach participants, mainly children, to make a Teddy Bear with their parents.

As the audience were mainly children, Wayne specially designed a simple bear with pre-sewn parts. The Children stuffed the bear's head, body and legs, while their parents helped to sew the openings and attach the arms.

Wayne also designed a mascot image of the bear and printed them onto lanyards for the Art Facilitators to wear for the event. In total, we have created more than 30 bears for the children at the event.

This is the biggest event we have participated thus far. The programme ran smoothly and it was a great success!


We look forward to the next 2 events with Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Island Country Club. We would also like to welcome any queries to organise corporate events similar to this event for schools, clubs and companies. For enquiries please contact Wayne at waynestonbears@yahoo.com.sg

After the event had ended, Wayne and his team quickly took a group photo with the giant Teddy Bear display before the area was cordoned off. We would like to specially thank our family and friends for helping, and those who came down to support us for the event.

We look forward to future collaborations with the event organiser.

Hugs, Wayne

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