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STBL Christmas Bear Competition & Christmas Party - 4 December 2016

We are pleased and excited to have a co-collaboration with Ms Margaret Burke for this year's Christmas Bear Competition.

Credit: Photography by Juliana Tan

On April 2016, Margaret personally made a visit to Singapore to meet with the Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers (STBL) group. She gave each of us a "Cherish" bear pattern. The rules of the competition was - everyone had to make a bear with that bear pattern without any alteration to it and we were free to accessorise the bear and choose our own materials to make the bear.

Margaret's visit to Singapore

Cherish by Margaret Burke (Nikkel Bears)
On the deadline of the event, Wayne collected all the photographs of their completed bears, compiled and posted them onto a Facebook Album for Margaret to judge the winners.

It was very difficult for Margaret to choose the winners as everyone had put in their efforts to make their unique and special "One-of-a-kind" bear specially for this event!

Greenwich by Chio K. S.

Lollipop by Esther Lee

Mr Beh Beh by Ivy Lee

Janice with bells and her toys by Joyce Lim

Nanook by Philip Tan

Emmanuella Joy by Suah Su Ling

Christian by Valerie Ho

Zubin by Wayne Lim

Charlotte by Winnie Koh 
After much deliberation, Margaret announced Esther's "Lollipop" as the Champion and Wayne's "Zubin" as the 1st Runner up. However as Wayne is the organiser of the event, he decided to let Margaret select the next deserving winner for the Runner's up and we are pleased to announce and congratulate Esther and Su Ling "Emmanuella Joy" for emerging Champion and Runner's Up respectively for this year's Christmas Bear competition.

This year we are very happy to have two new members joining us, namely Joyce Lim and Winnie Koh. Both of them have made impressive bears for the competititon!

The Christmas party was held at Wayne's new house as Wayne managed to booked a function room for this event.

Everyone came early for the party and without delay, we quickly displayed our bears and Christmas presents!

Everyone enjoyed the music and array of scrumptious food prepared by everyone!

After dinner, Philip specially planned two games for everyone! The first game was "Drawing on the plate above your head" and the second game was the "Marshmallow" Challenge! The group was split into 2 teams to compete against each other.

Drawing on our heads!

In the first challenge, everyone had to draw the following on top of their heads:

- A line as the floor
- A Christmas tree with decorations
- A star on top of the tree
- A Fireplace with a mantel next to the tree
- A stocking hanging from the mantel
- A present below the tree

Points were awarded for drawing and following the instructions. It was hilarious seeing everyone's drawings but some people's drawing like Esther's was drawn amazingly well.

In the second game, everyone had to build the tallest free standing structure with the marshmallow on top. Both teams were given 21 spaghetti, tape, a roll of string, and a marshmellow. They were given 15 minutes to build the structure and it was very interesting to see both teams different approach to building the structure. In the end, only 1 team managed to build the structure without it falling!

We hoped everyone had enjoyed playing the games and we will be planning more interesting games in the future!

At 7.30pm, everyone was given a voting card to vote for their most favourite bear of the event! Bears who have already won prizes in the competition were not eligible for voting.

After counting of voting cards, we are glad to announce that Valerie Ho won the "People's Choice Award" with 6 vote counts!

Wayne also presented the "Green Apple" award to Winnie Koh for her efforts in creating a beautiful bear for the competition.

After the prize presentation, we had the Christmas gift exchange ceremony!

Irene and Winnie

Esther and Philip

Winnie and Su Ling

Su Ling and Wayne

Winnie and Wayne

Chio and Valerie
We are pleased to see active participation and attendance for the Christmas party. We hope everyone enjoyed the food, music, venue, prizes as well as the games specially planned by Philip. We look forward to our next gathering.

Lastly, on behalf of the STBL, we would like to thank Ms Margaret Burke for co-collaborating with us to be the judge and prize sponsor for this event.

Credit: Photography by Juliana Tan
Wishing all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wayne Lim


  1. Merry Christmas to all of my fabulous friends in STBL!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be guest judge in this years competiton - everyone's efforts were outstanding and I congratulate all of you for your passion and dedication to the wonderful world of teddy bear making!! I thoroughly enjoyed being involved, and would especially like to thank Wayne for his tireless, and sometimes unrecognised efforts in organising the annual competition! Wayne, you are a champion!!! Congratulations, and hope to visit you all again in 2017!!

    1. Thank you Margaret :) Hope to see you again soon!

  2. Lovely photos... Thank you Wayne for organising this special & fun gathering.

  3. Wow Wayne, great photos and blog post. It looks like you all had such fun.

    1. We had so much fun, wish you were here with us Joanne.


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