Saturday, February 11, 2017

CNY Gathering at Esther's House, 5 January 2017

We had a wonderful Korean Steamboat dinner at Esther house last weekend!

Esther's cat Sasha, has a lovely pair of eyes and one was sleeping on the bench ignoring us while the younger cat Sammy was hiding in the room!

Esther showed us her bear collection and we were all in awe by her huge collection!

She has lots of cats and dolls in her show case cabinets and her workroom was very neat and tidy.

Esther also hang and displayed her mohair and fur on clothes racks to prevent creases.

She served us her handmade Korean stew and pour it on the Hotpot filled with filled with a variety of ingredients such as rice cake, cheese bean curd, noodles, mushrooms and assortment of vegetables. After boiling for a while, we all started eating. The food was very good and the stew had a sweet taste which was very delicious! 

After dinner, Wayne and Esther took a picture together to celebrate their 6 years of friendship! Coincidentally, it was exactly the same day 6 years ago when Wayne had a bear swap with Esther at her house!

We would like to thank Esther for inviting us to her lovely house and the scrumptious dinner.

We look forward to our next gathering at Winnie's house next week!


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  1. We had a beautiful evening together... thank u everyone for dropping by my place.


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