Friday, August 18, 2017

Grand Opening of Wayneston Studios

Wayneston Studios has officially opened in Singapore on 9 August 2017! Founded by Wayne Lim, he is also the creator of Wayneston Bears, having started his bear-making journey since 2009. Wayneston Studios was then founded by Wayne in the 2015.

With the opening of Wayneston Studios, Wayne's dreams of continuing the art of Teddy Bear Making has finally been realised! Wayne has been teaching Teddy Bear Making for more than 8 years and till date he has more than 100 students in Singapore. Teddy Bear Artists and enthusiasts in Singapore often have difficulties getting quality materials to create their own Teddy Bears. 

Wayneston Studios now provides a range of bear-making supplies such as Mohair, Alpaca, Synthetic Fur, Glass Eyes, Joints and even Artist bears from all over the world.

Besides this, Wayneston studios also facilitates Teddy Bear Making Workshops for a small interactive group of enthusiasts and corporate workshops for a larger audience.

Wayneston Studios is also looking forward to collaborate with international Teddy Bear Artists to introduce and conduct exciting Teddy Bear Making Workshops to fellow artists and enthusiasts in Singapore! 

On the day of the opening, we were glad to see family, friends, students and lecturers coming to visit us in this joyous occasion. Many of them gave Wayne gifts and it makes him as though Christmas has come early this year! Never before has Wayne received so many gifts in his life!

Wayne thanked everyone for coming and ushered everyone to have some light refreshments which was specially catered for this occasion. 

We hope anyone who loves Teddy Bears, Animals or Dolls to come and visit us. We are planning to have many different types of workshops to cater to different group of audiences.

P.S: For enquiries on corporate/private workshops, contact Wayne at:

The Promenade@Pelikat
183 Jalan Pelikat Road B1-128

Wayneston Studios and Team

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  1. Congrats, Wayne! Your shop is lovely as the bears you make.
    Wish you best of luck in your endeavours.


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